Pleased to meet you!


Hi! My name is Max Palmer, thanks for your interest in what I love to do. I’m an English video artist, with a focus on creating short, high impact content, mainly featured on web platforms and large displays in venues. My main passion lies within filming captivating events & magnificent scenery, and marrying these with beautiful music in the form of music videos, travel docs, and visualisations, with a speciality in creating good-vibe Drum & Bass music videos.

My passion for video creation was sparked in my early teens when I first picked up a skateboard. I then spent the next few years filling up dozens of hi-8 & miniDV tapes, which led to the creation of hundreds of short web clips that documented the escapades my friends and I would embark upon via a skateboard and the Great British Railway Network.

When I started to attend University in Bournemouth, my interest in skateboarding was shadowed by the burgeoning music scene. I’ve always had a strong love for music, and when planted within a new group of friends who produced music, DJ’d and organised club nights, my niche quickly evolved.

I then went on to freelance in both Bournemouth & London, creating hip-hop music videos, club promos, stage loops, psychedelic visualisations, behind-the-scenes documentaries and live studio-session videos. I gained a 1st in my degree – a BSc in Creative Media Technology, won the Best Media Technology Student 2013 award, and with a strong ambition to explore the world, fled the country.

I landed in South East Asia, where I filmed and edited over a dozen travel-themed music videos for highly acclaimed Drum & Bass artist Etherwood, for which one was broadcast on the VH1 television network. I then moved to Siem Reap, Cambodia, where I created numerous travel/tour videos for hotel Lotus Lodge, where I lived for the next 9 months. Whilst there, I volunteered for several NGOs (non government organisations), creating promo videos for street festivals and the local skateboarding scene, as well as being commissioned to create videos for several tour companies and bars. In early 2014, I co-shot and edited a documentary entitled ‘Hotel Cambodia’, which was subsequently broadcast nationwide in Canada on the CBC television network in January 2015. I am currently in the post production stages of another travel-documentary, entitled ‘Tuk Tuk Diaries’, in which 2 friends and I drove a Tuk Tuk 1000KM across Cambodia over the course of a week. While in Asia, my music video for Fred V & Grafix’s Major Happy was nominated for best music video in the 2013 Drum & Bass Arena Awards Ceremony.

I left Asia in May of 2014, and took a holiday from my holiday to meet my best friend in The States. We bought a 30 year old RV (named Jill), and spent the next 6 months living as free as a bird. I always had my camera close to hand, was commissioned to make a DnB music video with some of the footage, and am now working on a trilogy of short videos documenting our travels, entitled “6 Months of Summer”.

As of November 2014, I am situated in Auckland, New Zealand, and am looking to continue to progress my career on this side of the equator. If you’re a local director or production company looking for an extra pair of hands on set or in the edit suite, I’m your man. If you’re a musician looking to produce music videos, visualisations, behind the scenes videos, or would like gig or studio session coverage, I’m your man. Or If you’re a club or festival organiser, looking for promotional coverage of your event, or high-impact stage visuals, I’m also your man.

Whatever your idea, and wherever you are, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email, and I will be very happy to give 110% to help make your dreams become a reality.

Thanks for visiting today. Namaste.