17th Nov 2015

Autumn in Berlin and Super Slow-Mo Skateboarding!

Hello, good morning, and welcome! I’m updating my blog – can you Adam & Eve it!

Berlin FS700 Video Title

I was recently in Berlin for a few weeks, working on a video for a friend’s new business venture. We were working on the Kickstarter campaign video, and although I can’t say too much at the moment, if all goes to plan this should be a very well received new product. We are hoping to launch the campaign in the new year, so hold tight for that!

For one set of shots we required a studio, and the super slow motion capabilities of the Sony FS700. So we rented the camera, and lucky for me, the studio wasn’t booked until after dark, so I had all day to wonder around Berlin with the most expensive camera I’ve ever laid my grubby little mitts on.

Sony NEX FS700


Oberbaum Bridge Berlin

This was the first time I’ve ever used this camera, and with only a few hours of daylight (the clocks had just gone back), I tried my best to get what I could. Berlin was beautiful at this time of the year (end of October), so I wanted to get some shots of the lovely colours of the trees. No one seemed to sweep the streets or pavements like they do in London either, and it was lovely and dry that day, so crisp, bright leaves were majestically flying and rolling all over the place.

Autumn in Berlin Street

We ended up at one of Berlin’s premiere skate spots – the benches at Warschauer Straße, which was a great opportunity to film some rad skateboarding and make the most of the 200fps mode of the FS700.

Back Smith at Warschauer Straße Benches

Overall this is a lovely camera with superb results. Check the video below for some nicely coloured leaves, super slow motion skateboarding, and my make smoking a rollie:

YouTube Preview Image

Lens: 18 – 200mm Canon Mount

Edited and coloured with Premiere Pro

Music: Anthem by Emancipator

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