“Fat Raj” // Mockumentary Web Series // USA // June-Nov 2014

While road tripping around The States in the Summer of 2014 with long time friend Rory, we somehow managed to end up filming and putting out webisodes of a mock TV programme entitled Fat Raj.

In the series, young filmmaker Max (played by myself), was originally sent to The States to create a series of informative day-in-the-life style travel documentaries to showcase typical expat life. However, the first person he was set up with was Fat Raj (played by Rory), an ignorant and alcoholic expat from somewhere in the UK. After creating this first day-in-the-life documentary, the production company was not impressed and all further funding for the project was immediately withdrawn. At a loss, Max was eventually picked up by another television company, who saw value in Fat Raj’s character. The new company then bought Max a 30 year old RV, and with a tiny spending budget, he was dubbed the task of driving Fat Raj around The States to produce a series of short informative travel documentaries, with Fat Raj as the host. However, Fat Raj couldn’t really get his head around the concept, and things didn’t end up going very smoothly…

“Transient in the Cosmos” // Experimental Green Screen Film // June 2014

An experimental, 30 second green screen film me and Rory made for a competition by electronics brand Philips, which was to demonstrate what life would be like with zero gravity. Top prize was $6,000, and no, we didn’t even place!

We had a laugh making it though. Essentially all it is, is footage shot in front of a green piece of cloth we set up in a barn, overlaid with some licence-free footage off YouTube, and some sound effects. It was edited in Premiere Pro & After Effects, using the built in ‘Ultra Key’ plugin, as well as some keyframed movement and colour correction.

The raw green screen footage:

Green Screen - Transient in the Cosmos

The final edited footage:

Flying in Transient in the Cosmos

“What Makes Us Tick” // Documentary // Director, Head DP, Cinematographer & Head Editor // March 2013

Inspired by our talented and creative friends, and driven by a rebellion towards “the system” that encourages people to work in a job they don’t like, to earn something artificially valuable (known as money) in order to survive, a few friends and I set our minds onto creating a short documentary that explored several creatives of the younger generation, who embody the principles of simply doing what they love, for no reason other than that. This documentary aims to inspire others to spread their wings, and to chase their dreams, no matter what they are, or how impossible they may seem.

Created by myself, and good friends Matt Nieuwenhuys, Adele Irving & Georgia Burge.

Filmed on Canon cameras, edited and colour graded with the Adobe suite.

A big thank you to everyone who helped to make this happen, a full list of credits can be seen below!

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Fiasco Skateboarding.com

My passion for videography was sparked when I was young, through the art of skateboarding. Fiasco Skateboarding.com was brought into existence in 2009 after many previous (poor) websites that I created to showcase my short skateboarding videos. Designed by myself in Photoshop and implemented into a custom WordPress theme by a good friend of mine, Charlie Francis (who would sometimes feature in my videos, and regularly posts on Team Space), it was managed solely by myself and was regularly updated with videos, photographs and written blog posts about our travels and anything else that provoked my interest. It ran strong for many months until I started University, where skateboarding unfortunately fell to the sidelines. However, I decided to re-launch Fiasco Skateboarding at the start of 2013, and rebranded it so that it was no longer a personal blog, but rather a blog documenting the south coast’s thriving independent skateboarding scene, run by the people, for the people. For a while, contributions to the blog were made by skateboarders actively involved in their local scene, and we gained support from Southsea’s finest independent board company, 14:01 skateboards. However, the website again lost forward momentum, and is now largely redundant.

All the skateboarding videos I created for the site are still online though, and can be seen in the playlist below!

Festival of Design and Innovation 2013 // Director of Video Promotion

Our university degree show – The Festival of Design and Innovation, was open to the public at the end of June 2013. Every aspect of this exhibition was curated and managed by the sudents – all branding, promotion, web presence etc etc. I was selected by the university to act as the Director of Video Promotion, and as such, managed the official YouTube channel and created all content (including creating the ident) in the weeks prior to the exhibition. I created a series of bite-size videos in order to help the public to gain a better understanding of all aspects of the exhibition, which can be seen in the playlist below.

Now that I have graduated, all further content is being managed by the 2nd year Media Technology Students.