Music Visualisations // Savage Rehab // Ain’t No Sunshine & Nina Simone DNB Remixes // March 2015

Once upon a time, I came across this completely unmarked white label in a lot job of records I bought from a chap in East London. Turned out it was an absolute corker! A liquid funk remix of Bill Withers’ 1971 classic “Ain’t No Sunshine”, a remix I’ve never heard before, and could not find anywhere online. I have no clue who the remix artist is, but if it’s you, please make yourself known!

EDIT: The remix artist is Savage Rehab! Which led me to be able to find the flip side “A New Dawn” – A cracking remix of Nina Simone’s 1965 classic “Feeling Good”. Find the vinyl here.

I firmly believe that music is better when it’s shared, rather than hoarding all the bangers for yourself, so I took the liberty of digitising the record, and creating a visualisation for it. Please be aware that it is not my intention to infringe any copyright laws. Enjoy!

Created in After Effects with plugins Trapcode Form, and Trapcode Sound Keys. If you would like any visualisations created for your music, or YouTube channel, please get in touch!

6th Mar 2015

2015 Showreel!

Blimey I haven’t updated this in a while! You’ll have to forgive me – had a rather hectic start to the year. Turns out being homeless, jobless and moneyless in a new country where you hardly know anyone ain’t exactly a walk in the park! Long story short, one of my best mates from uni came over with another mate he was travelling with, and we ended up managing to blag staying on this lovely girl we met on Tinder’s floor for 3 weeks while we found a flat and jobs for us all. The housing crisis in Auckland is definitely not exaggerated  - when we actually found an available flat we could move in to, the landlord had to turn down 3 people in the space of time it took us to run to the cashpoint to get out the rest of our deposit! We all managed to get jobs just in time to pay our 1st weeks rent too – was a bit stressful but another example of how things seem to magically fall into place with a little bit of persistence and blind faith.

So yeah, we’re now settled in a flat in the centre of Auckland, not the largest place I’ve ever lived but we got a lovely view of the sunset from our 8th floor balcony:

Hobson Heights 8th Floor Sunset View Auckland


I’m currently paying the rent by working in a cafe, but am trying to push my video career simultaneously. Hence the reason why I created a brand spanking new showreel for 2015 :)

YouTube Preview Image

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Psychedelic Audio Driven Visualisation // edIT – “Ants” // November 2014

A psychedelic visual I made for “Ants” by edIT. This was created using Adobe After Effects, utilising a number of plug-ins in the Trapcode motion graphics suite by Red Giant. I used Sound Keys – a spectrum analyser plugin, to analyse the track and generate keyframes from the bass, mid, and treble frequencies, which were then used to drive different parameters in the plugin Form. Please turn on, tune in, and drop out:

31st Oct 2014

edIT – “Ants”: A Psychedelic Visualisation!

A psychedelic visualisation I made after a few beers and after realising that this album is now 10 years old! So you could call it a tribute… Biggup edIT!

YouTube Preview Image

Track: edIT – “Ants” from “Crying Over Pros for No Reason” released in 2004 on Planet Mu. All copyrights belong to their respectful owners.

edIT crying

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Psychedelic Audio Driven Visualisations // “Music In Technicolour” // May 2013

For my final year project at Bournemouth Uni, I created a project based upon the abstract concept of seeing sound, by undertaking research into the phenomenon of sound-colour synesthesia, or chromesthesia.

Sound-colour synesthesia is a bona-fide neurological condition found within a small percentage of the population, in which an auditory stimuli, such as music, will cause a second, visual perception. In layman’s terms, sound-colour synesthetes can literally see music!

The project I created, “Music in Technicolour”, explored how information known about this phenomenon could be adapted to enhance creativity within the production of non-conventional music videos, or visualisations.

If you are interested in learning more about this project, you can download the full report, here. If you found the project interesting, or would to reference it for a similar project, please let me know!

Below is a playlist containing a selection of music visualisations I created, not to specifically illustrate what sound-colour synesthesia is, but rather, as a creative experiment inspired by this phenomenon. Please watch in high definition for optimal visual & sound quality!