2nd Dec 2014

Fat Raj Series 1 Outtakes

We had a lot of fun filming our somewhat ridiculous side project of Fat Raj! I’m now in New Zealand, without Rory, so unfortunately that marks the end of series 1! We’re pretty sure a second series will happen when we end up meeting again, whenever it is and wherever in the world it might be, but in the mean time, please enjoy the outtakes :)

YouTube Preview Image

29th Oct 2014

Transient in the Cosmos

An experimental, 30 second green screen film me and Rory made for a competition by Philips entitled “What would you do with zero gravity?”. Top prize was $6,000, and no, we didn’t place!

YouTube Preview Image

We had a laugh making it though. Essentially all it is is some footage shot in front of a green piece of cloth we bought in Walmart and set up in a barn, some sound effects, and some licence-free footage off YouTube. It was edited in Premiere Pro & After Effects, using the built in ‘Ultra Key’ plugin, as well as some keyframed movement and colour correction.

The raw green screen footage:

Green Screen - Transient in the Cosmos

The final edited footage:

Flying in Transient in the Cosmos

25th Sep 2013

Sub Focus Live

Dope little documentary here about Sub Focus’s live show! Always love seeing a behind the scenes video for a live music act. Nicely done guys, makes me want to go festivalling…

20th Jun 2013

Creative Technology 2013!

Everything is in full swing for our final year exhibition which opens to the public at 10am tomorrow! All the separate teams are working very hard to help promote the exhibition, the web guys have done a cracking job with the website – ct2013.co.uk, the social media guys are sterning promo on the usual networks (please give us a like on Facebook to keep up to date with everything we’re doing! And we’re on Twitter & Instagram as well!) And also please subscribe to the YouTube channel which is being run and managed by yours truly!

Here’s a short behind the scenes of our not so lazy Sunday last week, building the exhibition!