6th Mar 2015

2015 Showreel!

Blimey I haven’t updated this in a while! You’ll have to forgive me – had a rather hectic start to the year. Turns out being homeless, jobless and moneyless in a new country where you hardly know anyone ain’t exactly a walk in the park! Long story short, one of my best mates from uni came over with another mate he was travelling with, and we ended up managing to blag staying on this lovely girl we met on Tinder’s floor for 3 weeks while we found a flat and jobs for us all. The housing crisis in Auckland is definitely not exaggerated  - when we actually found an available flat we could move in to, the landlord had to turn down 3 people in the space of time it took us to run to the cashpoint to get out the rest of our deposit! We all managed to get jobs just in time to pay our 1st weeks rent too – was a bit stressful but another example of how things seem to magically fall into place with a little bit of persistence and blind faith.

So yeah, we’re now settled in a flat in the centre of Auckland, not the largest place I’ve ever lived but we got a lovely view of the sunset from our 8th floor balcony:

Hobson Heights 8th Floor Sunset View Auckland


I’m currently paying the rent by working in a cafe, but am trying to push my video career simultaneously. Hence the reason why I created a brand spanking new showreel for 2015 :)

YouTube Preview Image

If you’re a company in Auckland looking for a video artist, please get in touch!

22nd Mar 2014

Innovation, Progression, Inspiration

Published a year and a half ago, but still every bit relevant, if not more relevant, today. 15 Year Old African Child creates an FM radio transmitter, and generator to power it, out of discarded electronics found in rubbish bins. I reckon it’s only a matter of time until more and more people like this start emerging, and the money and greed driven fossil fuel industry comes collapsing down.

6th Feb 2014

Skateboarding in The East

A beautiful, tear jerking video about how skateboarding is bringing hope and new life to the children in Afghanistan:

And the dude who owns the hotel I’m working at has put a nice post up on his blog about skateboarding over here in Cambodia:


4th Feb 2014

Sok San Street Festival 2014!

If you’ve been following my blog recently you will know that I was involved with the wonderful Sok San Street Festival that happened last Sunday…

Here is the Official Video that I have been working on. It was great to be involved in such a lovely, communal event, and to work with people with such love and compassion for what they do :) Thanks again to everyone involved, and to Mitch (Ancient Adventures Cambodia) for letting me borrow his camera for the day! Extra thanks to VideoCopilot for the Earth Zoom tutorial, and to all the musicians who put their music up for free download (see links below!)

And click here for a lovely selection of photos by Dara Pech!

Sok San Street Festival // Bringing art to the heart of the street…
Siem Reap Cambodia, January 2014.


Curated & organised by Tori Green – http://greenbyname.com
In association with The Hand in Heart Project – http://facebook.com/TheHandInHeartProject

Video by Max Palmer – http://max-palmer.com
Please like and subscribe for more :)

1. Auburn Orient [Draft 1] – Benny Aves // http://soundcloud.com/bennyaves/auburn-orient
2. Somethin’ Bout Your Love – Exmag // FREE DOWNLOAD @ http://soundcloud.com/exm4g/somethin-bout-your-love-feat-d
3. Expect Us – Gramatik // FREE DOWNLOAD @ http://soundcloud.com/gramatik/sets/gramatik-the-age-of-reason
4. It’s a Good Day – Kiss Me Yesterday // FREE DOWNLOAD @ http://soundcloud.com/kiss-me-yesterday/its-a-good-day-free-download

A massive thank you to everyone involved who helped co-create this amazing community event on Sok San Road. There are too many of you to list!

11th Nov 2013

Long Live Southbank: The Bigger Picture

Drawing your attention away from green Eastern landscapes and back to the more familiar grey landscapes of home soil, Henry Edwards-Wood AKA Hold Tight Henry has done a marvellous job of creating a 15 minute piece for the LLSB (Long Live Southbank) campaign. Check it out below and please share as much as you can. You can’t move history.