5th Apr 2014

Skateistan & The Skateshop Phnom Penh visit Siem Reap Skatepark!

Last weekend marked the opening party of the Siem Reap skatepark! We had the pleasure of being joined by the likes of Skateistan Cambodia, and the owners and skaters from The Skateshop Phnom Penh - really friendly, passionate guys, and I also had the opportunity to interview them, check the video at the end of this post! A lot of fun was had over the weekend, and a hell of a lot of sweat! It also reminded me how much I love skateboarding, and how it can be such an effective means of bringing people together.

Siem Reap Skatepark

The skatepark was originally designed and constructed as a roller-blade park a few years ago, and features some tight transitions, a fast triple-camel-hump and a little nipple in the middle. Last weekend a nice grindbox and a long rail were added (I’m not sure exactly by who, but thank you!), and the hope is to continue to grow the park so that it is more useable by skateboarders. There are plans of putting a small miniramp outside in the garden, along with a BBQ and some kind of fridge/bar with refreshments, which would be sick!

The whole project is being organised and run by Tori at The Hand in HeART Project, who is also planning several communal/art projects at the skatepark, such as wall-mural painting sessions, and other workshops. She is of course looking to get as many people involved as possible, so if you could give a hand, whether it be in the means of a sponsorship, a donation, or a helping hand on site if you’re nearby, please get in touch with her via her organisation’s Facebook, or via the Skatepark’s Facebook page.

After a fair few hours in the park, a few games of SKATE, and after riskily ducktaping Ed the GoPro to the bottom of a skateboard, we headed out to X-Bar’s rooftop mini to catch the sunset:

Siem Reap Skatepark Game of SKATE

GoPro Skateboard

Miniramp Sunset SIem Reap

A huge thanks to everyone involved, for more photos please check the Facebook album, otherwise, peep the video below!

The soundtrack to the video was kindly donated by the man that is Benny Aves – producer of the new FREE Small Town Boredom album. Give him a follow on Soundcloud and check out this little teaser of the tunes you’ve got to look forward to from him later on this year:

1st Apr 2014

Siem Reap Skatepark Opening Party

The weekend just gone held the opening party of the Siem Reap Skatepark! We were joined by the lovely people over at The Skatehop Phnom Penh (Cambodia’s only skate shop, and of course it’s skater owned!), and Ben from Skateistan Cambodia. It was a pleasure to meet, skate and film with the guys, and a lot of fun was had at the skatepark. I was on video duties, so stay tuned for a little montage coming in the next couple of days!

I duck-taped Ed the GoPro to the bottom of a skateboard (hold tight for the footage!):

Ed Skate

And played rock-paper-scissors with the Phnom Penh Skateshop Team for a game of SKATE, I was a little rusty but didn’t come last!


Massive thanks to Tori at The Hand in HeART Project for organising the event, give them a like on Facebook to catch some more photos from the day! Tori was also the event photographer, and I must thank her for the photos in this post, and encourage you to check out other beautiful work at Green By Name.

Ta Mate!

4th Feb 2014

Sok San Street Festival 2014!

If you’ve been following my blog recently you will know that I was involved with the wonderful Sok San Street Festival that happened last Sunday…

Here is the Official Video that I have been working on. It was great to be involved in such a lovely, communal event, and to work with people with such love and compassion for what they do :) Thanks again to everyone involved, and to Mitch (Ancient Adventures Cambodia) for letting me borrow his camera for the day! Extra thanks to VideoCopilot for the Earth Zoom tutorial, and to all the musicians who put their music up for free download (see links below!)

And click here for a lovely selection of photos by Dara Pech!

Sok San Street Festival // Bringing art to the heart of the street…
Siem Reap Cambodia, January 2014.


Curated & organised by Tori Green – http://greenbyname.com
In association with The Hand in Heart Project – http://facebook.com/TheHandInHeartProject

Video by Max Palmer – http://max-palmer.com
Please like and subscribe for more :)

1. Auburn Orient [Draft 1] – Benny Aves // http://soundcloud.com/bennyaves/auburn-orient
2. Somethin’ Bout Your Love – Exmag // FREE DOWNLOAD @ http://soundcloud.com/exm4g/somethin-bout-your-love-feat-d
3. Expect Us – Gramatik // FREE DOWNLOAD @ http://soundcloud.com/gramatik/sets/gramatik-the-age-of-reason
4. It’s a Good Day – Kiss Me Yesterday // FREE DOWNLOAD @ http://soundcloud.com/kiss-me-yesterday/its-a-good-day-free-download

A massive thank you to everyone involved who helped co-create this amazing community event on Sok San Road. There are too many of you to list!

28th Jan 2014

Sok San Street Fest / Skateboarding in Cambodia

The Sunday just gone (26th of Jan), was host to Siem Reap’s first ever street festival, Sok San Street Festival. Curated and organised by English festival-goer & photographer, Tori Green (GreenByName.com), the day was a wonderful blend of communal activities, arts and crafts, skateboarding, singing, dancing, exhibitions, and of course, delicious food and cold beers.

Sok San Street Fest 14 Logo

The festival was put on in aid of The Hand in Heart Project:

 The Hand in HeART Project creates arts events and workshops that enable challenged artists to develop new skills, perform and gain international mentors.

I was more than enthusiastic to get involved with the skateboarding workshop up on X-Bar’s rooftop miniramp (previously skated by the Birdman himself!), where myself and ex-semi-pro Lee Voukanari gave some local children (and adults!) a little taste of the endless joy that can be attained through the art of skateboarding. Despite the intense heat from the 35 degree midday sun, the response was overwhelming; it was literally the most people I have ever seen up there, ever! Some of the kids picked it up unbelievably quickly, pumping up and down the ramp on their own within 10 minutes, while others tested the durability of the knee pads and helmets that were provided. It was amazing to see such a positive reaction from the locals, some of who had never even seen a skateboard before, and you never know, Asia’s next pro could come out of Siem Reap!

As with most “2nd world” countries in SE Asia, the skateboarding scene isn’t overwhelming (to say the least), but there are several projects and NGOs (non-government organisations) that aim to give greater exposure to skateboarding, and demonstrate how it can be used motivate children and help strengthen communities. There is a great post over on Ancient Adventures Cambodia with more information about the budding skate scene over here in Cambodia and SE Asia, so definitely check that out!

Anyway, the whole day was a smashing success, and I was on camera duty, so watch out for “The Official Video” of Sok San Street Fest 2014, coming soon! Meanwhile, here are a couple of snaps that have already surfaced on Facebook from the skate workshop (plenty more on their way!).

X-Bar Crew:

X-Bar Crew

Me doing a backside nosebluntslide nose bonk:

Max NoseBonk

Huge thanks to everyone involved who made the day such a great success, there will be much more content on the way (including some press coverage if I heard correctly!), so stay tuned :)