2nd Oct 2015

We Are Everything.

My brother from another, Rory, who’s featured in front of the camera for a few music videos we’ve done together, has turned the tables. He doesn’t usually make videos, but he pulled this one right out the bag, and smashed it apart!

Mr Key & Greenwood Sharps – All Rise Feat. Edward Scissortongue, out now on High Focus Records, with a seriously sick video by my man himself, Rory. The tune is deep as well, I first heard it during some post festival brain skattiness the other week (you know how it is), and it resonated pretty well. Enjoy!

YouTube Preview Image

24th Apr 2015

Certified Bangers Mixtape!

Here’s a tasty little dish me and my flatmate Toby knocked up in the old beat kitchen! Contains intense flavours of Breakbeat, followed by a smooth and zesty palate cleansing interlude, leaving you ready for a double main course of jazz-infused DnB with a large side order of some good old fashioned JUUUNGGLLLEEEEEEE!! Just like nana used to cook. Turn her up, share and enjoy :)

To cop the free download, click the little icon in the player below, or head over to the page on Soundcloud. Don’t forget to give us a follow!

UK Hip-Hop // JPEG – “A Bitter Abyss” // Unsigned // January 2013

Hired by UK Hip-Hop artist JPEG to produce a music video for the title track of his forthcoming EP “A Biter Abyss”.

Best viewed in high definition:

I was the only member of film crew during the production of this video, and as such took on all roles in order to see its completion. It was filmed entirely in JPEG’s living room with my Canon 550d and Sigma 30mm 1.4 lens, and was edited with the Adobe Suite.

JPEG’s new EP, “A Bitter Abyss” will be available to download soon, but in the mean time, his 1st self titled EPcan be downloaded for free, here. I must also give a massive shout out to the producer of all of JPEG’s beats, Benny Aves, who doesn’t get the credit he deserves!

Click to read more about the editing process ➯

5th Mar 2014

Free UK Hip-Hop! Small Town Boredom

It’s been a long time coming, but my brothers back home, collectively known as Small Town Boredom, have just released their debut 15 track album ‘General Waste’!

STB Cover
This is proper homegrown UK Hip-Hop, straight out of a bedroom in Brighton. Cop the FREE DOWNLOAD and give the fellas’ Facebook page a like. Deep bars from everyone and spot on beat production from the man that is Benny Aves. I’ve had it on repeat for days now and it keeps getting better and better. Maximum respect fellas!