16th Jun 2015

Clap Track!


Here’s the latest music video I’ve done for Hospital Records. It’s for a track by Lynx, who was signed to Hospital last year. The track is ‘Clap Track’, and is taken from his new album I Am Lynx. Check it out below :)

YouTube Preview Image

Drum & Bass // Fred V & Grafix – “Major Happy” // Hospital Records // November 2012

*Nominated as Best Music Video in the 2013 Drum and Bass Arena Awards*

I wanted to make a video that reflected the track name – “Major Happy”, so using footage I filmed while travelling Europe in the summer of 2012, as well as some other footage of general good vibes with mates, this is what many hours on Premiere Pro and many cups of tea left me with. Please note the red bits in the video were required to reflect the Sick Music 3 album art.

Best viewed loud and in high definition.

Massive shout out to my girlfriend at the time – Violet, for driving us around Europe that summer, and to all my friends for the constant supply of good vibes. Thank you also to everyone for your kind words, lovely YouTube comments and for sharing this video. I love you all!

Drum & Bass // Keeno – One More Moment // Typographer // Med School Music // April 2015

Hired by UK Drum & Bass Label, Med School Music, to create typography to represent the lyrics on the official video for Keeno’s One More Moment. A true cross-continental collaboration this – music created in the UK by Keeno, footage filmed in Portugal by Atmos, and the type created in New Zealand by me. The internet truly does open up a new window for creative possibilities and collaborations!

Software used: Adobe After Effects


15th Apr 2015

One More Sweet Moment…

Just been working on a proper cross-continental collaboration! This music video project contains Music by Keeno on Med School Music in the UK, Aerial footage by Atmos in Portugal, and the titles were created by me in New Zealand! The amount of creative potential due to power of the internet aye…

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