18th Mar 2014

“Tuk Tuk Diaries” Blog #2

During our 8 days on the road, we had to make daily stops to re-charge cameras, and empty memory cards onto our dedicated hard drive. This often attracted attention from people with curious minds. Also this girl, bless her, couldn’t grasp the fact that I spoke a different language!

Photo from Mitch’s phone.

Footage Capture
3rd Mar 2014

Tuk Tuk Diaries #1

Two friends and I have just embarked on a large video project entitled “Tuk Tuk Diaries”. We just got back from 8 days on dusty rugged Cambodian roads in a rickety old Tuk Tuk.

We took 2 GoPros, 2 HD Handhelds, and now I’ve got 500GB of footage and timelapses to turn into something worth watching. I will keep drip feeding this blog with updates, so stay tuned!

We started the journey in Phnom Penh, where I shot a few timelapses from a tall building:

GoPro Timelapse PP
27th Jun 2012

The Fame Documentary

Long time no speak! I got back from a lovely holiday in Turkey the other week… I was with my girlfriend Violet for a few days before we met up with a load of my family – my cousin was marrying a very lucky Turkish man! We were in Ölüdeniz first & then travelled to Dalyan where the wedding was, and despite Ölüdeniz being slightly (very) touristy in places, both places were absolutely beautiful and I’ve got nothing but nice things to say about the Turks (except one!). I took a lot of snaps on my phone (click here!), as well as filming some general Turkish vibes on my proper camera, which I am in the process of editing into a short-super-happy video (in between other jobs), so keep an eye out for that – (contains footage of the paraglide we did!).

Apart from that I’ve been doing a lot of behind the scenes/video blogging for DFL Agency (will post the videos up here when I get the go-ahead!) and some filming for Richard Kays‘ ‘The Fame Documentary’. The Fame Documentary will be exploring the effects that fame can have on people, for better or for worse, and I am lucky to have had the opportunity to film and listen in to some very thought provoking conversations! Today we filmed an interview with Ben Ofoedu, AKA Mr Turnaround (you may remember this little number he sung as part of Phats & Small!). The Fame Documentary is scheduled to hit the TV late this year, and in the mean time you can watch the teaser (edited by myself as directed by Richard) here:

7th Mar 2012

Meeting back up with the Wooden Wife

Over the past few months I have started to miss skateboarding more and more. I have also missed having something consistant to make videos about. Skateboarding is great; it keeps you active, it gives you a sense of satisfaction, it allows you to meet new people and it allows you to explore the country to places you wouldn’t have known existed. For these reasons, it is definitely my favourite subject to make videos upon.

Unfortunately, I don’t really know a lot of people who skate in London, but I do know Max Tomlinson, who I used to skate with regularly back in 06-08. We went for a skate on Saturday and I started capturing footage for a new short video project. Skateboarding was what sparked my love for filmmaking, and I hadn’t actually filmed any skateboarding on my (not so new anymore) HDSLR until the other day! And I’m very pleased with the results. I’ll be exploring London on my skateboard as often as I can, and am excited to start editing skateboarding footage again!

Here’s a couple of pictures from Saturday taken on my phone (click to go XL):