“Fat Raj” // Mockumentary Web Series // USA // June-Nov 2014

While road tripping around The States in the Summer of 2014 with long time friend Rory, we somehow managed to end up filming and putting out webisodes of a mock TV programme entitled Fat Raj.

In the series, young filmmaker Max (played by myself), was originally sent to The States to create a series of informative day-in-the-life style travel documentaries to showcase typical expat life. However, the first person he was set up with was Fat Raj (played by Rory), an ignorant and alcoholic expat from somewhere in the UK. After creating this first day-in-the-life documentary, the production company was not impressed and all further funding for the project was immediately withdrawn. At a loss, Max was eventually picked up by another television company, who saw value in Fat Raj’s character. The new company then bought Max a 30 year old RV, and with a tiny spending budget, he was dubbed the task of driving Fat Raj around The States to produce a series of short informative travel documentaries, with Fat Raj as the host. However, Fat Raj couldn’t really get his head around the concept, and things didn’t end up going very smoothly…

2nd Dec 2014

Fat Raj Series 1 Outtakes

We had a lot of fun filming our somewhat ridiculous side project of Fat Raj! I’m now in New Zealand, without Rory, so unfortunately that marks the end of series 1! We’re pretty sure a second series will happen when we end up meeting again, whenever it is and wherever in the world it might be, but in the mean time, please enjoy the outtakes :)

YouTube Preview Image

27th Oct 2014

New Shoes for Jill!

So after arriving in Canada after 7,000 miles and 4 months living in Jill, one of our first friends we made happened to work at a tyre shop. He had a look at Jill, and was shocked to see that the front tyres were from 1997 (17 years old!), and that one had a huge crack running half way around it as deep as the steel belt! It was only a matter of time until it blew and we ended up in a horrible mess of sparks and shattered dreams halfway down a highway in the middle of nowhere. In an alternate universe this has already happened! It’s tyre changing season here in Canada as everyone gets ready for the winter, so there were plenty of spares knocking around that he could kindly donate to us. Thanks Jeremy!

Jill the RV New Shoes