Autumn in Berlin & Super Slow-Mo Skateboarding // Sony FS700 200FPS Test // November 2015

I had the pleasure of wondering around beautiful Autumnal Berlin with a Sony FS700 in late October 2015. The camera was on loan for a shoot that evening, which meant I had a few hours in the day to get out and get some test shots, and was especially excited about testing the 200fps super slow motion mode. Peep the video below, or click here for some more words and pictures about it.

Lens: 18 – 200mm Canon Mount

Edited and coloured with Premiere Pro

Music: Anthem by Emancipator

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17th Nov 2015

Autumn in Berlin and Super Slow-Mo Skateboarding!

Hello, good morning, and welcome! I’m updating my blog – can you Adam & Eve it!

Berlin FS700 Video Title

I was recently in Berlin for a few weeks, working on a video for a friend’s new business venture. We were working on the Kickstarter campaign video, and although I can’t say too much at the moment, if all goes to plan this should be a very well received new product. We are hoping to launch the campaign in the new year, so hold tight for that!

For one set of shots we required a studio, and the super slow motion capabilities of the Sony FS700. So we rented the camera, and lucky for me, the studio wasn’t booked until after dark, so I had all day to wonder around Berlin with the most expensive camera I’ve ever laid my grubby little mitts on.

Sony NEX FS700


Oberbaum Bridge Berlin

This was the first time I’ve ever used this camera, and with only a few hours of daylight (the clocks had just gone back), I tried my best to get what I could. Berlin was beautiful at this time of the year (end of October), so I wanted to get some shots of the lovely colours of the trees. No one seemed to sweep the streets or pavements like they do in London either, and it was lovely and dry that day, so crisp, bright leaves were majestically flying and rolling all over the place.

Autumn in Berlin Street

We ended up at one of Berlin’s premiere skate spots – the benches at Warschauer Straße, which was a great opportunity to film some rad skateboarding and make the most of the 200fps mode of the FS700.

Back Smith at Warschauer Straße Benches

Overall this is a lovely camera with superb results. Check the video below for some nicely coloured leaves, super slow motion skateboarding, and my make smoking a rollie:

YouTube Preview Image

Lens: 18 – 200mm Canon Mount

Edited and coloured with Premiere Pro

Music: Anthem by Emancipator

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23rd Oct 2014

Drum & Bass in The States!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I didn’t really manage to keep this blog updated while we were living in Jill our RV while road tripping around The States. I was however fortunate enough to be able to work from afar with the UK D&B Label Liquid Tones, who were keen for me to make them a music video with footage from our trip so far. So hit the play button below for some cliff jumping, gnarly vert skating, and general good vibes from Colorado and Utah, with a lovely liquid D&B soundtrack by Indivision & Alter Ego.

And be sure to stay tuned to my YouTube channel for the 3 part series I’m working on from the whole 6 month trip!

YouTube Preview Image

Some stills from the above video:

Cliff Jumping Colorado

Cliff jumping at Green Mountain Reservoir, Colorado

Colorado Springs Vert Skating

Bacon Skateboards get gnarly on the Colorado Springs Vert Ramp [full Colorado tour video here!]

5th Apr 2014

Skateistan & The Skateshop Phnom Penh visit Siem Reap Skatepark!

Last weekend marked the opening party of the Siem Reap skatepark! We had the pleasure of being joined by the likes of Skateistan Cambodia, and the owners and skaters from The Skateshop Phnom Penh - really friendly, passionate guys, and I also had the opportunity to interview them, check the video at the end of this post! A lot of fun was had over the weekend, and a hell of a lot of sweat! It also reminded me how much I love skateboarding, and how it can be such an effective means of bringing people together.

Siem Reap Skatepark

The skatepark was originally designed and constructed as a roller-blade park a few years ago, and features some tight transitions, a fast triple-camel-hump and a little nipple in the middle. Last weekend a nice grindbox and a long rail were added (I’m not sure exactly by who, but thank you!), and the hope is to continue to grow the park so that it is more useable by skateboarders. There are plans of putting a small miniramp outside in the garden, along with a BBQ and some kind of fridge/bar with refreshments, which would be sick!

The whole project is being organised and run by Tori at The Hand in HeART Project, who is also planning several communal/art projects at the skatepark, such as wall-mural painting sessions, and other workshops. She is of course looking to get as many people involved as possible, so if you could give a hand, whether it be in the means of a sponsorship, a donation, or a helping hand on site if you’re nearby, please get in touch with her via her organisation’s Facebook, or via the Skatepark’s Facebook page.

After a fair few hours in the park, a few games of SKATE, and after riskily ducktaping Ed the GoPro to the bottom of a skateboard, we headed out to X-Bar’s rooftop mini to catch the sunset:

Siem Reap Skatepark Game of SKATE

GoPro Skateboard

Miniramp Sunset SIem Reap

A huge thanks to everyone involved, for more photos please check the Facebook album, otherwise, peep the video below!

The soundtrack to the video was kindly donated by the man that is Benny Aves – producer of the new FREE Small Town Boredom album. Give him a follow on Soundcloud and check out this little teaser of the tunes you’ve got to look forward to from him later on this year:

4th Apr 2014

In The Paper!

One of the lovely people I’ve met out here in Siem Reap, Tori (organiser of many charity and art events around the town, including the Sok San Street Festival, which I did the video for) had a little article published in the Daily Echo about her, and I’m in one of the pictures! Woooo!

Read the article online here, and catch me on page 3 of The Sun the same time next week ;)

Me in Paper