“Fat Raj” // Mockumentary Web Series // USA // June-Nov 2014

While road tripping around The States in the Summer of 2014 with long time friend Rory, we somehow managed to end up filming and putting out webisodes of a mock TV programme entitled Fat Raj.

In the series, young filmmaker Max (played by myself), was originally sent to The States to create a series of informative day-in-the-life style travel documentaries to showcase typical expat life. However, the first person he was set up with was Fat Raj (played by Rory), an ignorant and alcoholic expat from somewhere in the UK. After creating this first day-in-the-life documentary, the production company was not impressed and all further funding for the project was immediately withdrawn. At a loss, Max was eventually picked up by another television company, who saw value in Fat Raj’s character. The new company then bought Max a 30 year old RV, and with a tiny spending budget, he was dubbed the task of driving Fat Raj around The States to produce a series of short informative travel documentaries, with Fat Raj as the host. However, Fat Raj couldn’t really get his head around the concept, and things didn’t end up going very smoothly…

15th Oct 2014

Fat Raj at The Grand Canyon

Yo yo!

Blimey it’s pushing on 3 months now since I’ve updated this! Since my last post, Fat Raj & I have been living like gypsies in our RV named Jill. Sometimes I think that I should have kept this updated along the way, but internet connections were few and far between and we were simply having too much fun to worry about any of that social networking malarky. But now our roadtrip around the US is coming to an end. Our 6 month visas are about to be up, and we’ve got tonight in a Motel 6 car park in North Washington before heading to the Canadian border, to spend the winter at a friend’s house, who’s kindly putting us up. I’ve been keeping my camera close to hand throughout the trip, and will be making a 3 part video series entitled “6 Months of Summer”, as well as writing a few words about the trip, so stay tuned, I plan to get this site rolling again :)

In the mean time, here is the 1st proper episode of Fat Raj’s new TV programme, where he will be taking you around the Grand Canyon, sharing his limited knowledge of this beautiful landmark, and showing you the ropes. I hope you enjoy.

YouTube Preview Image