Psychedelic Audio Driven Visualisations // “Music In Technicolour” // May 2013

For my final year project at Bournemouth Uni, I created a project based upon the abstract concept of seeing sound, by undertaking research into the phenomenon of sound-colour synesthesia, or chromesthesia.

Sound-colour synesthesia is a bona-fide neurological condition found within a small percentage of the population, in which an auditory stimuli, such as music, will cause a second, visual perception. In layman’s terms, sound-colour synesthetes can literally see music!

The project I created, “Music in Technicolour”, explored how information known about this phenomenon could be adapted to enhance creativity within the production of non-conventional music videos, or visualisations.

If you are interested in learning more about this project, you can download the full report, here. If you found the project interesting, or would to reference it for a similar project, please let me know!

Below is a playlist containing a selection of music visualisations I created, not to specifically illustrate what sound-colour synesthesia is, but rather, as a creative experiment inspired by this phenomenon. Please watch in high definition for optimal visual & sound quality!